Google Trusted Contacts officially pulled from App Store, support for closure after December 1

Google has officially pulled the plug on its Trusted Contacts app. First introduced in 2016, the app offered users a way to share the status and location of their device activity with selected contacts. It has now disappeared from both the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store. The tech giant will also discontinue support for the app starting on 1 December this year. The move follows a series of measures that Google has recently taken to optimize its products and services. Trusted Contacts is in the footsteps of Google’s two other location sharing apps – Google Latitude and Google+ Location Sharing – which were previously snuffed out.

Trusted Contacts Previously included in the Play Store exclusively for Android users. A year and some upgrades later, it was made available For iOS users through the App Store. By then, it was integrated with Google Maps and offered useful features such as allowing a trusted contact to be added via email address. But it gradually lost its luster.

For those who still have the Trusted Contact app installed, Google will end its support after December 1 Website A notice that the date is announced is put. Google is pushing users to use the location sharing feature, which now includes Google Maps instead of live location – the functionality of trusted contacts. Users who want to download the list of their trusted contacts also have time till 1 December to do it from the website.

In a similar move, Google also plans to kill Hangouts. this Recently announced This will convert users from Hangouts to Google Chat, which is now a part of the rebranded Google workspace (formerly G Suite) sometime next year. Hangout users will be inspired to use Meet (a part of Google Workspace) for video calls starting in November. Officially supporting the hangout will end next year.

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