Many steel wire units may close due to lack of raw materials, industry bodies say

Wire manufacturers have sought intervention from governments to ensure supply of raw materials.


A senior industry official said steel wire makers belong to the labor-intensive small and medium enterprises (SME) sector, which is facing a shortage of raw materials, which could lead to the closure of several units.

The official said that about 100 units of the organized sector, which employs about five lakh workers in the country, are already working below 50 per cent of their rated capacity, and if the crisis escalates, then shutting down many Will happen.

Wire manufacturers have sought government intervention to ensure supply of raw materials, and there is not a window for import of special goods produced in the country.

Tirthankar Banerjee, general secretary of the Steel Wire Manufacturers Association, told PTI, “The industry is facing a huge shortage of high-grade wire rods, which are the main raw material for wire production.

“The accuracy of high-grade wire rods is 50 percent, and this is due to insufficient domestic supply and import restrictions,” he said.

The association has asked the Central Government to streamline its special wire rod plant in Burnpur from the Steel Authority of India (SAIL) and supply adequate quantities of raw materials to the SME sector in a fair amount to the National Steel Corporation (RINL) and other private steel manufacturers Urged to advise. Prices.

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